Friday, April 16, 2010

Apricot-Glazed Cornish Hens

By glazing the hen it keeps it nice and moist as well as gives the skin a nice golden color. Cooking this tomorrow - will let you know how it turns out!

Apricot- Glazed Cornish Hens


1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 Cornish game hens
2 tablespoons butter, melted, divided
1/4 cup apricot preserves
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon grated onion
1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg


Combine the salt and cayenne. Rub a third of the mixture inside hens. Brush 1 tablespoon butter over hens; sprinkle with remaining seasoning mixture.

Place on a rack in a shallow baking pan. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan, combine the preserves, honey, onion, nutmeg and remaining butter. Cook and stir until preserves are melted. Brush over hens.

Bake 35-40 minutes longer or until golden brown and a meat thermometer reads 180 degrees F. Cover and let stand for 5-10 minutes before serving.

Nutrition Facts: 1 serving (1 each) equals 1,028 calories, 67 g fat (23 g saturated fat), 432 mg cholesterol, 918 mg sodium, 35 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 69 g protein.


Review --

made it tonight -- SO good.

Though I did some changes to the recipe. When I made it with dried onion instead of fresh it completely overpowered the sauce even though I didnt use the whole amount. Even adding more preserves and honey didnt fix it, so DONT do that.

I ended up throwing that glaze out and making fresh with only 1/8 tsp of onion powder and it turned out awesome. Beautiful golden color, very moist & juicy and the flavor made it into the meat as well.

I also added thinly diced dried apricots to the glaze which gave it some nice yummy "chunks" to the glaze.

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