Thursday, December 16, 2010

Authentic Kladdkaka (Swedish "sticky cake")

 Kladdkaka, which is literally translated into "Gooey" or "sticky" cake. Is pretty much a sticky gooey brownie, but SO much better.

while I have yet to try this recipe out (I cant find vanilla sugar and have been busy baking other things to slow down and make it).  I can tell you that this is a VERY authentic recipe, it comes from a friend of mine who has lived in Sweden his whole life.  This is the recipe he uses to make his Kladdkaka and gave to me to try out ^.^

Authentic Kladdkaka 
(Swedish "sticky cake")

2 eggs
3 dl (1 1/3 cups) sugar
1 tsk (teaspoon) vanilla sugar
4 msk (tablespoon) cocoa
1 krm (1 ml or roughly 1/4 teaspoon) salt
1 ½ dl (1 "Gill" or 2/3 cup) flour
100 g (3.5 ounce or 7 Tbsp) melted butter
bread crumbs for coating
chopped nuts

  1. Put the oven to 200 degrees Celsius (392 Fahrenheit).
  2. Grease your pan with butter and dust with bread crumbs. This is to prevent the cake from sticking to the container..too much
  3. Take a bowl (medium-big) and mix the eggs and sugar until fluffy with mixer. Add the vanilla sugar and cocoa and whisk on lowest speed of mixer. Slowly incorporate the flour and salt, when the flour is fully incorporated then, finally add the melted butter.
  4. Whisk gently until smooth, and pour into prepared pan. If desired sprinkle nuts over top of cake.
  5. Bake in the lower part of the oven for 15 minutes.  Less time = more sticky. 
  6. Allow to cool on wire rack until ready to serve. Dust with powdered sugar and serve with whipped cream.

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  1. You can buy the right kind of vanilla sugar for use in this recipe at Ikea. Swedish vanilla sugar is more like a confectioner's sugar infused with vanilla. In America I've seen people just take granulated sugar and put some vanilla bean pods in it and they think that is what they are supposed to use when a recipe calls for it. However, that is the wrong ingredient for this recipe. I made this with the Ikea vanilla sugar and it turned out fantastic. I baked it in a buttered and floured pie pan and it did not stick at all!

  2. thank you for that information Samuel, I did not know that. I will have to go to IKEA and try it again! (though mine turned out fantastic with the homemade version as well) ;)

  3. i made this cake for class and vanilla extract seems to be a good subsitute to