Monday, December 13, 2010

Dark Hot Cocoa Mix

I've been pretty hesitant to post this recipe... because a lot of frustration went into making it.  I read quite a few recipes for cocoa, tried quite a few recipes for cocoa and honestly didn't much like any of them.  I took bits and pieces from a few of them and ended up with a chalky tasting mess... I was determined to make a good cocoa mix.
The first recipe took up about 1/4 of my stock pot that I had used as an "extra big mixing bowl", by the time I was content with the mix it took up 3/4 of my stock pot; I swore that after I had filled all the jars to go to friends and family that I'd still have at least half of it left... in reality when I had finished packing the coco into all 8 pint jars I had all of about a cup, maybe a cup and a third of the mix remaining. What was the frustration? After every addition of an ingredient I'd have to test the cocoa mix to see how it tasted... cup, after cup, after cup... thats a lot of hot cocoa... by the end of the day.

This cocoa mix tastes similar to a Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar, Im sure that this flavor is because I cannot find regular dutch processed cocoa powder, instead the stores carry "special mixes" that are half dutch processed cocoa powder and half natural cocoa powder and Hershey's Special Dark is also made from that 50/50 blend of cocoa.  The first set of measurements are a bit odd because I actually cut the recipe in third to make it "more manageable", the second set is my exact recipe for what I ended up with......

While this mix isnt perfect... it is homemade, with love... which any family member can appreciate.... well most anyways.

Dark Hot Cocoa Mix

2 1/4 cup powdered milk
2/3cup + 1Tbsp + 1tsp coffee creamer
2/3cup + 1Tbsp -50/50 cocoa mix (50% dutch processed and 50% natural cocoa)
2/3cup + 1Tbsp + 1tsp powdered sugar
1Tbsp cornstarch
dash salt

Sift ingredients into a large "bowl" (I used my stock pot) then whisk together.  Pour mixture either into jars for gifts or into an air tight container for your household consumption

To make hot cocoa
Heat 6oz milk (2% or whole), stir in 3 Tablespoons (aprox 1/3 cup) of mix. Top with whipped cream and mini chocolate chips.

Note: that the difference between dutch processed cocoa powder is that dutch processed powder is treated with alkali to make less acidic than that of natural cocoa so it more mellow and most people think that it has a more "chocolatey" taste. If you can find dutch processed cocoa that isnt mixed with natural cocoa I would suggest it to those of you wanting a more "milk chocolate" taste to your cocoa... as for me, I actually like dark chocolate so Im fine with this mix... my husband and kids will have to adjust or find me different cocoa powder...

my whole recipe... (firmly packs 8 - 1 pint mason jars with 1 1/3 cup reserve)
6 3/4 cup powdered milk
2 1/4 cup coffee creamer
2 1/3 cup -50/50 cocoa mix (50% dutch processed and 50% natural cocoa)
2 1/4 cup powdered sugar
3Tbsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp salt

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