Monday, January 17, 2011

Fresh Mint Peas

With Spring almost on its way for most of us, Im going to bring out one of the old recipes that I grew up with .  Fresh Mint Peas, my mom loved to garden, and silly her planted mint in the ground one year, un-knowing that once you do this, it will grow like a weed.  Needless to say, she makes the best of it and came up with quite a few mint recipes.  This is a very simple one, but is also quite good.  The refreshing mint lightens up the pea flavor, and its easily switched to a orange-mint pea dish with the substitution of orange juice instead of water to the dish.  Can be done with dried mint or extract, but it will not taste as good or light.

Fresh Mint Peas

1 cup frozen peas
1 Tbsp fresh mint chopped
1 Tbsp margarine or butter
2 Tbsp water

Bring to a boil and remove from heat.
Microwave on high for 4 minutes stirring after each 2 minutes.
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