Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soured Milk as Substitute for Buttermilk

So you go to make your favorite recipe, have everything together and then realize, you're out of buttermilk!  Or, as usually in my case, you want a recipe that involves buttermilk, but you have three beautiful lactose intolerant kids looking up at you adoringly.  You have a few choices... make the recipe without buttermilk, run to the store and pick some up... or make sour milk.  In my case we generally make sour milk or do without (generally no one's happy with this outcome).
But just how does one make sour milk? Is it possible to make sour milk lactose free?  Well the answers are easy, and yes definitely.  Though make sure the people are lactose intolerant and DON'T have a milk allergy they're completely different and mixing it up could end up in a trip to the ER or worse.

Soured Milk


1 Tbsp White Vinegar OR Lemon Juice
enough 2% (or higher) milk to make 1 cup

  1. put the 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice into a 1 cup liquid measuring cup
  2. add enough milk to make 1 cup total
  3. can be used after 5 minutes, the milk will be a thicker consistency and possibly curdle a bit, this is ok

To make lactose free, use lactose free (such as Lactaid brand) milk.
Lactose free milk is naturally sweeter than regular milk due to the addition of lactase enzyme which breaks down the lactose in the milk making it safe for lactose intolerant people to drink.

Please note that soured milk is NOT milk that is spoiled, but is a chemical reaction caused by the addition of an acid.
Buttermilk is soured through bacterial fermentation not allowing milk to go bad, to replicate the bacterial fermentation we added the acid to achieve the same outcome.
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