Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New name, new look, new year

There arent very many of my posts where there's not a recipe or at least post pictures of food, but this is going to be one of them.
I've had the name "you want me to eat THAT?!" for quite a while now, and I felt it didn't really fit the blog anymore.  Im not the person afraid of (most) fish that I was a few years ago when I started this blog.  The fish that I was afraid to eat, is now a family favorite, and so it was beyond time to change.
As for the look I figured that the site was becoming sort of stale after having the same look for a year now, and having a similar look before that.  While I love love love my friend for creating the purple design for me, I think this one fits where Im at now.
I hope that everyone's year is treating them well so far, and continues to do so.

Lots of love,
Marvel <3

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