Saturday, January 7, 2012

S'more hot cocoa

So I LOVE S'mores, and I LOVE hot cocoa, but today I found myself craving S'mores hot cocoa.  I looked around my house and found that while I was out of my dark hot cocoa mix, my husband did have some pre-made stuff handy. (He found out Coldstone makes hot cocoa and had to try it).  So I quickly threw together a cup of hot cocoa, toasted some yummy marshmallows and added a gram cracker to it, which my husband used to dunk in his hot cocoa and spoon out toasted marshmallows from his drink.  He currently is asking me for seconds, I think this one may just end up a family hit. ^.^

S'more Hot Cocoa

1 packet cocoa mix (or your homemade mix)
milk or water according to your cocoa mix recipe
1 handful of mini marshmallows
1-2 gram cracker squares

  1. make hot cocoa according to mix directions
  2. pour mini marshmallows on top 
  3. toast marshmallows with a food torch (or one of those butane filled flexible lighters, they use the same fuel oddly enough)
  4. garnish with gram cracker

Garnishing option: dampen rim of cup with water and dip into gram cracker crumbs

Make hot cocoa

pour mini marshmallows on top
Toast marshmallows with torch
Top with graham crackers and enjoy

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