Monday, May 28, 2012

Crispy Hot Wings

One thing I hate about eating homemade wings is that either the wings are soggy or they were baked so long that they could be confused with something from the prehistoric era.  Creating a crispy wing shouldn't be hard and actually doesn't require frying (I actually prefer this method to fried wings, with the exception of Buffalo Wild Wings' wings). Using this recipe you get a crispy wing that's low(er) in fat than a fried wing.

The key ingredient to this recipe is actually Crisco Butter Flavor Spray.  Other sprays don't work the same way and the butter flavor actually adds to the flavor of the wing.  When we ran out of spray and used real butter instead, they didn't turn out as crispy or taste as good. The Crisco butter flavor spray makes it so the skin gets that "fried crisp" taste/feel without the downfall of eating something that's fried plus it gives it a great flavor.

My family really like Frank's Red Hot: Sweet Hot BBQ flavor for our every day wing, but my father-in-law makes a hot wing with Frank's Red Hot: Original and Italian Dressing (mix hot sauce with Italian dressing until desired hotness is reached).

You will need:
Cooling rack
Baking Sheet
Container (with lid) to shake wings in

Crispy Hot Wings

Chicken Wing/Drummets
Crisco Butter Flavor Spray
Wing Sauce of your choosing

lay wings out on a cooling rack with a baking sheet under to catch drips
spray crisco "butter flavor" on top side, cook for 15 min on 400
flip wings, spray other side, cook another 15 min on 400
flip wings, turn oven on broil, broil 5 min
flip wings, broil for another 5 min
put wings in a container with lid, toss in desired sauce. 

Placing wings on rack with "drip pan" below
Fully cooked, sauced, ready to "toss" to fully coat all wings

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