Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where oh where have I been?

As many have noticed, I didn't post in April.  There are many reasons for that, one being that spring term started (remember, I'm back in school to become a teacher!), my stove broke, also I've been sick as a dog.

April brought with it new teachers with new expectations, as well as new sicknesses.  About mid-way through April still getting into the swing of the new term, I caught a flu (or so they think), and I ended up in the hospital with a super high temperature, trouble breathing, fever induced hives and was going in and out of consciousness. After I was stabilized they sent me home, though I was left to try and make up missed days in school.

Just after recovering from my really bad flu I went in for my seventh (and hopefully final) abdominal surgery which was performed less than a week ago.  I am still recovering from surgery, and like I tell family, today feels is better than yesterday.  I hope that come my two week checkup I will be able to resume normal activities (hey I can dream can't I?).

What was also quite interesting is that between all the hectic-ness that came with me being hospitalized, having surgery, and the case load that comes with going to school at more that full time (I'm taking 14 credits this term, with teachers asking 3-5 hours study per "hour in class" so 42-70 study hours a week), my oven and two burners went out on my stove!  First we had to wait 3 days until the repair man could come over to look at it, then they said they were going to have to replace it which would take another 4 days! On top of that they were only able to deliver it during hours that either I would be at school (and my hubby at work) or I was with the kids at their dr's appts (oh the joys of being a mom!). Eventually we did get a new stove/oven, and its much nicer than the one we had before, but the week (plus) without a stove/oven made it so I broke down and ate fast food... first time in THREE YEARS! Needless to say, I can make better tasting food than that ;)  and plan on it being a few more years until I eat fast food again.

As I recover I look forward to bringing you guys good food again soon.

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