Friday, September 7, 2012

Reworking things

Please excuse the bit of mess and confusion around the site for the next week or so.  I will continue to try to get out new recipes, but I am also trying to update/modernize the site, along with linking into some of the other blogs that I dabble at.

Sorry for any confusion or frustration that this may cause, in the end I hope to have a site that is more user and blogger friendly.

Thank you for your patience,

 A little side thing that will be posted on my 365 soon

About a year or two ago my son found a heart shaped rock in a parking lot.  
Since that day I have carried it along with me everywhere I go in my purse. 
In August I saw this cartoon at my mom's house.  
It made my heart melt, I'm sure any mom could agree.  
♥ Love and Gravel, what else could a mom ask for? ♥

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