Friday, June 21, 2013

Brag Post: I graduated!

My husband and I posing for a pre-graduation photo in the heavy wind
So, as some have noticed I have been gone a lot more lately than usual.  This is because I was super busy over the past term getting things ready for graduating from my junior college before my big transfer over to my 4-year university. 
I am exceedingly happy to announce that I walked with my class, receiving honors in not one, not two, but three different Associates Degrees.
Excited to be done with this school and on to our next! It was a long two years!

While this term kept me super busy, it also allotted me some opportunities that would not have otherwise been available:
  • I got to work at an Indian Boarding School as a Teacher's Assistant/Student Mentor, where I made some amazing connections with not only the staff at the school but also with the students who attend there.  It was honestly hard for me when their school year came to an end earlier than expected due to sequestration. Their school year ended the first week of May, instead of the first week of June, there were lots of tears shed by teachers and students alike. For more information read: NPR: Indian Nation Squeezed by Sequester and Indian Country Today: "Every Child Left Behind: Sequester Guts Indian Education"
  • My boss directed a Soft Opera by Guilbert and Sullivan called Ruddigore: The Witch's Curse where we had 74 costumes, which were handmade by my best friend, the head costumer, and myself, with some help from my husband, his best friend and my best friend's mother. It was a tiring experience, which had all sorts of hiccups along the way, to which on more than one occasion we heard the cast musing if the play too was cursed and not just a part written in the story line.  Nights were long, drawn out and occasionally dirty. Blood and tears were shed on multiple occasions, and the Bride may or may not have been pinned into her dress on opening night because all four of our sewing machines broke down minutes before opening curtain.  But it worked, it looked amazing, and the audience loved it. Look here for some behind the scenes photos: A few behind the scenes photos from Ruddigore
  • I organized a blood drive at my college where we were able to beat the school's record for most units donated in a single school year set all the way back in 2005, and I gave my first double red cell donation.
  • I was able to work at an alternative High School as a Teacher's Assistant where kids who are kicked out of other schools or do not have the credits to graduate before the cut off age (21 yrs) go to get an actual high school degree.  The school has 3 week terms, where the students are given 2 classes per term and a whole semester's worth of information is given to them, and then they are tested on.  This gives the students the ability to make up 18 classes in a single school year, mind you students need 44 classes to graduate, so students who previously dropped out in their freshman year can come back in their junior year, and still graduate with their class.
Hope that you all have been well in my absence, for I have missed you all.  Looking forward to catching up with you over the course of summer.

Please enjoy the Summer Series' that I have planned, one is a Summer Drink Series where I hope to give both "adult" and "virgin" versions of popular summer drinks, and maybe some less well known drinks too. The other is a Sinfully Delicious Series where I hope to provide recipes so good, you know they can't be good for you, although you may be surprised that some of them actually are health food.

Love Ya!

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