Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Southern Sweet Tea

When I lived in the south the idea of not having sweet iced tea might as well have been synonymous with not having running water.  Everyone had it, everyone made it and you're darn right everyone was drinking it.  So why is it that everyone up north has no idea what a good sweet tea should taste like?  Sweet tea is not the same as "sweetened tea," no, this tea needs to be sweet, not lightly sweetened, but straight up sweet.  Maybe the north needs a few more southern gals to show them what real tea tastes like.

For me, the funny thing was in our house it wasn't the girls who made the tea, but it was actually the man of the house, who was constantly saying "I'm probably not makin' this righ', but it tastes righ' ta me." Sure as heck tasted right to me! Almost like my sweet ole grandma's tea.

Southern Sweet Tea

1 pitcher sun tea
1 cup sugar
Lemon wedge, optional

Make yourself a large pitcher of sun tea: I use 3-6 tea bags per 2 quart pitcher, depending on how long I'm willing to let the tea set in the sun, the longer it sets, the less bags I use.  Let your pitcher of water and tea bags set in the sun for a few hours, until the tea is nice and dark.
Once you have your pitcher of sun tea remove the tea bags, and add in the whole cup of sugar, yes it's a lot of sugar but it is needed!
Store in refrigerator, serve with ice and a lemon wedge.

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